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the_bustos' Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in the_bustos' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
2:18 am
question please help me out ????
so tonight, i was sleeping at 130 i woke up and i felt like something was wrong went down the hall in my apartments, and supposidly this girl courtney has had a spirit/demon/spiritual warfare going on in her room. and tonight when she walked into her room all the cabnets were open and also a lamp was knocked down, and they have had some other things happening to them in last couple days. another part of the story is that a guy died in our apartments about a week ago. freaky stuff i know. but i figure that should be something i can handle because i have had The Spirit of God affect me in a external and internal way, so why should i be scared of this right? i just need some input on this stuff thanks guys, get back with me when you can i need some spiritual guidance, scripture would be magnificent! just for my heart and intentions to be right in a situation. i mean besides the fact that God can do something great here and prove his awesome mercy and power, L.A. is a spiritualy attacked city so i am imagining that things like this happen often becasue this city is suppressed by demonic warfare. so just help me out when you guys can and also pray for those who are being affected so that God's commanding presence can be seen through all this thanks guys, have a great night or great day depending of when you read this alright night!
oh and im doing really great its been hard going from a place where i know everyone to a place where i know no one. but im fine my vertical relationship is a hurting because of my fault of course but yeah im trying to follow my heart and do the right thing. so yeah pray for me too! i love you guys sorry for this message to be so long!

Current Mood: grateful
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
12:50 pm
im in la cali ! exciting tomorrow im going to be apart of my first shoot! i also have a director looking at one my storied that i have written and may make it into a low budget independent film. so great things i probably will be working as a cars sales man. not the greatest but hey its work right? so thats it for my life, i have no roommate and looking, i have no furniture, its scary sometimes when i think about it. i have a rent cost of 1189 a month not including food, gas, insurance, light, and water, and also telephone, cellure included! i hate sometimes when you have to grow up i wish i could be that 13 year old that had his parents take him and his best friend to the movies and we would be stressing about how we had nothing to do after the movie and when that time came we did nothing because we couldnt drive anywhere or anything! but now we dont spend time together because were too busy with work, its always ill meet you at the movies and after the movies you spilt ways because of work the next morn. its sad but true life is harder than it seems from the eye of a child. i wish i could be a kid again! maybe thats why when people get older they become more impatient and very needy. they're thinking i lived my entire life to do nothing and now im going to do nothing and enjoy it gosh darn it! ha ha good times. well i guess when i get older im going to want to have done things different but i guess i cant think like that... well thnak you guys for your support and for those who havent give me support well... give it to me so i have something to thank you for. pray for me thanks bye guys!

Current Mood: nervous
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
5:37 am
hello everyone i love you guys!
So here is a question for everyone; if/when you sneeze does your head get thrown back or forward. well i dont know about everybody else in this world but i was about to sneeze and while harmlessly typing on the comp. i lowered my head to sneeze towards the direction of the floor, close to the edge of the desk not thinking my head will go forward because sneezing would have to propell my head back instead of forward, oh oh oh to the contrary my head goes toward the edge of the desk like a komakasi plane and now i have a line like bruise in the middle of my forehead! one word "ouch"

you know something; the two artist that have affected me in a major way this year have been eminem and kenye west! eminem is not scared of his humanity, and kenye west doesnt care about what people think because of his song "jesus walks" if you havent heard it, its amazing and the music video is pretty good too! but yeah funny, i used to be such a hard core christian and actually at one point only listened to christian music, and what it feels like that secular artist speak more about themselves so i relate more to them because of awareness of reality, where christians i feel only admire God. now dont construde me saying that for: i dont appreciate admiring God because i do but what eminem does is pretty special too.

well cali. better be ready for me i am moving there in 6 days. yeah right! its more like i better be ready for cali. i am over my head and im glad God is over my head cause someone needs to be able to see something i dont. wow, do you ever feel like your humanity will be the end of you? i do...
well kids, good night or good morning whatever way you look at it...? i love you guys!

Current Mood: jubilant
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
7:56 am
so how many more days till i leave... oh wait i know, i know, 7 yes ladies and gentlemen one week till Andrew Bustos is no longer a Florida Resident, he has resided in FLA since the year 1995 and is now ready to embark on a perilous journey across the United States to the middle of his heart, his passion, his dream, his love is coming to life! wow i can bs for a while huh... well yeah im leaving, i just cant believe im leaving like this but i know in my heart i can make it!

you its strange being uprooted from the place you know, its wierd how people react to it, the im going to react to it is, what i think natural, i am going to be sad. i am leaving so many friends that i know because of Florida, well children i have to go have a good one

Current Mood: complacent
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
2:15 am
recent opportunities
so i was just recently offered a position as a promotion manager for a company, i would be touring across the nation, and also i would be hosting a live show everywhere i went, it seems like it will be alot of work but definitly something that i am very interested in doing who knows what could come of it. ill keep you guys in touch with what is going on.

dreams come and go, when i was younger i wanted to be a basketball player, then i wanted to be a soccer player. i then wanted to sing for a professional choir. then i thought it would be really neat to be a pastor. i always wonder the fine line of a dream and a want. are they the same or very different just alike in the feelings that come up when we think of them. i think a true dream is a need more than a want if it can even be compared to anything else. i wanted to be in the NBA i wanted to soccer, i loved the idea of being a pastor. but was it a dream a need? when i think of what i want to be in life i think of being an actor because the need to be one has always been so big in my heart. i want to be ingulfed by the charcters that i take on. i love the feeling. right now i havent done anything in like three months that includes drama, and i feel starved, empty inside. i hope other people feel the same about the things they do? cause man i want to be a film actor. another dream that brings out deep passion inside of me is the dream that one day i will be part of a great family, my wife, many children. i cant wait for these things to come true. ill just plant it in my heart and hope one day it will sprout and grow.

a wise man once told me, "dreams are pursued, they are never being lived" so i am pursueing a dream that i cant live without. maybe one day i will be a pastor maybe i will own a restaurant, maybe ill be a crime fighter, maybe i will play in a soccer league, or a basketball league. i dont know but i can live without alot of those things, but i know a good relationship with God is a dream that i am pursueing, i dont think ill ever get there but maybe who knows????

Current Mood: full
2:14 am
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
12:20 am
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Current Mood: content
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
7:28 am
daves wedding
wow, that is mainly all i have to say, but you know its hard for me espically to see david lee get married away. he has been a best friend to me since high school. and now he is married it makes me feel so happy for him. i hope him and kara are so happy together that what they have encrouge others to get married. so at the wedding i saw some people from college there; holly kuehner, kristen, megan, joy holly, were all there also, megan lanza, and nicole cortez. it was great seeing most of those people. it amazes me that i spent 2 years of my life surrounded by some of these people and they some of them treated me like they barely even knew me, and no offense to who this may offend but i expect stuff like that from christians. maybe its just certain people who im talking about, but in my expierence i have incountered it with my christian friends more than with my "unsaved" friends, who in the name of jesus will be believers as am i one day!

oh well but it was a great wedding. the sucky thing was, im not sure if you guys know but i work a job that requires me to be here from 12- 8 in the morning. i drove from the moment i got out of work to gorgia (where the wedding was held) to get there do the rehearsale dinner and then to drive back after the reception to work that saturday night. yeah rough!

10 days left in the sunshine state and then i am off to cali. i always need prayer so think of me when your going through your day, i need it so badly. well this is it for me, i am Camilo Andres Bustos Henao i am reporting for channel 8 news, good night.
Friday, July 15th, 2005
7:54 am
cool quote
i made up this cool quote the other while hanging out with my friend david lee which is getter married tomorrow,
7:28 am
not enough
do you ever feel like what you have is not enough, like no matter how wide you can spread your wings the winds affect you to much and no matter how much you try you can never make it, that problems that come up arise higher than you can fly, or that no matter how strong you are; temptation, failure, disappointment is always going to be stronger, that no rock you stand on can keep you from being knocked off by the waves of life.

this is how i feel, i know within my heart God is stronger than any problem i have but some times i am swollowed by the pride that makes me human. and i guess i feel i stray off and try to handle problems on my own.

i got a speeding ticket the other day 230 dollars. i am moving to cali. in less than two weeks and i do not have enough money, and also my roommate i was suppost to have just bailed out on me. my family are comming up with all these finacial problems, my grandma might have to get a job, and im wondering if i should just stay and help out or should i follow my dreams. i feel sofficated man i need some help, encouragement maybe. but you know i feel deep within me i am in Gods will so im going to keep doing it. for those reading this could you pray for me i would appreciate it.

Current Mood: stressed
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
1:26 am
im moving soon
California seems right around the corner, and oh my gosh i am nervous about it. have you ever uprooted yourself from everyone you knew. its like i already miss all my friends and im still here in lakeland and i still go out with them and hang out, yet i know deep down im going to miss them so much.

lets see... what's going on in my life. well i was in a relationship but not anymore. i was dating this girl, for a while and she is very determined to do what her dad tells her to do. and her dad doesnt approve of me. i guess i cant do anything about that. i love her but i guess that doesnt matter to him.

you know what ive been thinking about, how close can two people be to eachother? i know that in a married relationship sex takes two people as close as any two people can be, but in a friendship supposidly you can actaully be closer than a brother to another person. i believe that people are always connecting in a strange way, its that moment when two people sneeze at the same time or you and another person time after time say the same thing in certain situations. its like a different realm, a realm of connectivity where people connect subconciously, everyone has had that moment where they look at thier best-friend and without saying a word a million words are spoken.

well hey guys i hope you enjoyed this journal, oh by the way check out some of my modeling pics http://camilobustos.exploretalent.com , ok well thanks guys have a good day or night, also give me a call some time i would love to hear from you 838-2131.
-Camilo Andres Bustos Henao

Current Mood: thoughtful
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
6:12 am
this is my live journal yay!
well this is my account im so excited, can you feel my excitment. you know i have a hard time always keeping a journal on paper maybe this will help i have no idea. so for those who dont know i am moving to the great state of California in two weeks oh my gosh im so stressed ive almost killed three people this week cause of complications, but you know im going to lay back and just handle it right thats what i am suppost to do ?

do you ever feel really comfortable, me living in lakeland since 95 has made me feel comfortable, i mean people really love me here, i have friends that will only come to me for help i have friends here that i will go for help and encouragement. i feel great here i can call friends at any time of the day morning or night and they are the type of friends that will stop anything that they are doing to help me out. (whats funny in my mind is that most of the friends that help me out arent christians). ive created this great reputation of myself where i love people and they love me, it feels nice you know what i mean. but now, im going to cali where i will know no one, and i will not be comfortable, and im going to want to be back in lakeland,

its sad leaving people, thinking will our paths meet up again? it makes me appreciate the time that i share with people. and when i fight with my friends it feels like a waste of time. Heres something funny that relates with this topic, my friend benjamin and i were talking about if and when your trying to lets say not have sex with someone that your dating, and you makeout on a regular bases is it wrong to make out and be physical with one another. i personally dont think so, yet its like the better of two goods almost. cause in my mind i see people dating as "looking for marrige" and its ok too show phyisical emotion towards someone thats a part of us, if we werent meant to kiss before marriage, you would think that God would say that right? maybe you guys can enlighten this fool that knows nothing (that fool being me!) well ive had a great day at work and im about to get off in a couple of hours so enjoy your day or night depending when you read this...

Current Mood: restless
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